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getting there

the central temple

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Getting There

Sompur Bihar at Paharpur is about 270 km by road from Dhaka and it will take about 6 hours to reach Paharpur by bus/taxi/private car if no major stoppage is made along the way. If one starts from Dhaka, the route shall be Dhaka - Savar - Chandra - Tangail - Jamuna Bridge - Hatikamrul - Bogra - Joypurhat - Paharpur. The best way to tour the site is to first reach Bogra and visit Mahasthangarh  and stay at Parjatan Hotel at night and then hire a taxi to get to Paharpur via Joypurhat on the next day. Sompur Bihar is about 68 km from Bogra via Joypurhat and it will take about two hours to reach the site by taxi.


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Alternative way : If you can reach Bogra, take a bus to Jaipurhat (1/2 hrs, 44km). From there, buses leave regularly between 7am and 4pm for Paharpur (25mins, 9km). To get to the sights from Paharpur village, take a three wheeler (or rickshaw). You can always get a tempo (scooter) back to Jaipurhat, but it will cost a little more and you have to wait a while. Don't count on getting a bus from Jaipurhat to Bogra after 6PM.

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