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It’s really a matter of debate as what is the first university established on this earth. Someone try to proof Bologna as the first , someone speaks strongly about the Karuine at Morocco while someon
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The prehistoric archaeology is one of the most important disciplines to learn about evolution of human society. It provides primary evidence of when and how people began to create and reproduce ho
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Birthday in one word amusing and one of the most expected day for anyone’s life. The party, celebration, amusement or huge gathering whatever you like. The person anyone can wish you long life as
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  mosque architecture They range from very large to small in size, and include an unusual square, nine-domed type. Although rooted in the 15th century architectural tradition of Bengal, their stark, u
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  History of Vihara Vihara is the Sanskrit and Pali term for a Buddhist monastery. It originally meant "a secluded place in which to walk", and referred to "dwellings" or "refuges" used by wandering m
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Far from the din and bustle of city life, immense mass of tapering artificial hill, near Paharpur, has revealed the remains of the largest Buddhist temple and monastery South of Himalayas. These preci
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PRODOSHE  PRAKRTEETOJON ( প্রদোষে প্রাকৃতজন) (A Son of Soil in Twilight)  -  by Showkat Ali   ইতিহাসের প্রদোষকালের জটিল আবর্তে ঘূর্ণায়মান কয়েকজন নরনারীর কাহিনী বিবৃত হয়েছে এই উপন্যাসে । ইতিহাসে তাদ
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